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Welcome to the Moon Modesty website, an abaya brand combining Korean minimalism and the Arab class of Middle Eastern countries.
So ready to brighten up your style?



Welcome to the website of Moon Modesty, an abaya brand mixing Korean minimalism and the Arab class of Middle Eastern countries.
So ready to illuminate your style?

Our story

The Story of Moon Modesty

Once upon a time , in a world where fashion transcended borders, Moon Modesty was a brand by and for women that merged the minimalist style of Korean clothing with the refined elegance of Arab outfits from Middle Eastern countries. This brand is much more than just a clothing collection, it is a story that tells the beauty of cultural diversity and the power of the union between two unique influences.

We draw our inspiration from Korean fashion, rocked by clean lines and minimalist silhouettes. We are also deeply inspired by the elegant dresses and sumptuous details of Arab outfits that we have discovered in our adopted country, the United Arab Emirates.

We therefore imagined a brand that would bring together these two styles, creating a perfect harmony between minimalism and elegance. We dreamed of designing dresses that would capture the essence of these cultures, reflecting both elegant simplicity and timeless sophistication. This is how we are embarking on this adventure with passion and determination. We select the most beautiful fabrics, mixing the softness of Korean cottons with the richness of Arab fabrics. Each dress is meticulously designed, combining clean lines with delicate details. Each piece is an invitation to embrace diversity, to celebrate the beauty and power of two united cultures. Furthermore, we believe in the beauty of fashion that respects the values ​​of modesty and decency, without compromising style and elegance. Simplicity and class are universal and can be expressed in a thousand ways. So ready to brighten up your style?